Blog Update - Themes and the Indieweb

09 Nov, 2019 - 15:36:44


Matthew Deig


I updated this blog yet again. I updated the theme because I didn't like how hugo dusk theme has changed, so I ended up using my theme from my tumblr blog. It isn't a 100 percent copy of the tumblr blog, but it is pretty close

I also set my blog up to be able to be Indieweb supported. It sounded like a neat idea to add to this blog. I don't have everything set up but I think I will have it soon so there will be another update to the blog.


Add more items for the Indieweb. I would like to add the POSSE on this site though it might be harder to do because this site is static without JavaScript and the fancy web stuff. I will try to add the web mentions as well just so everything will be in one place.