Simple Sine Wave

01 Jun, 2017 - 00:00:00


Matthew Deig

Simple Sine Wave

I have like the sounds of synthesizers. I like the electronic music and chipmusic. I own a few synths. They are more cheap portable ones. I have the gakken MKII, nebulophone, monotron delay, and the pocket miku. I also messed with some audio DAWs.

I figure I try to make my own software synth. Just to learn more how the sounds are made and learn some sound processing on the way. So far I took some source code snippets and paste together a small simple sine wave generator that will play ten note scale into alsa.

Something I learn that to go up the scale you mulply your scale modifier, to go down you dived it.

I think the next step of this exercise is to add some user input for the notes and make a few effects.

Simple sine wave will kick it off