2019 Call of Duty Modern Warfare

10 Nov, 2019 - 11:04:56


Matthew Deig


I recently got the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare to play with some co-workers and a buddy. I'm normally not a Call of Duty fan. I always got frustrated with how the game plays and feels. I come from a more arena shooters that are much quicker than Call of Duty, and the each weapon was different from each other. In this version of Call of Duty I am having a blast. The multiplayer is less spamming of the kill streaks and more of actually shooting the weapons. Most of the weapons don't feel that much different from each others. Each weapons have different stats but they really insta hit shoot straight, but that is the nature of guns in real life.

The single player I haven't fully finish playing but I enjoy most of it. The story is about what you get in military story. The set pieces where great. I enjoyed the embassy part of the single player.

Overall I had a blast playing this game. It might be one of the Call of Duty's that I liked.

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