24 Jan, 2019 - 22:08:12


Matthew Deig


I haven't done a lot of hiking but last year (2018) I did couple of trips to Shawnee National Forest. I ended up taking an afternoon on the week and head to a place called One Horse Gap Lake. My first time out I made it but ended up wearing the wrong shoes and got terrible blisters on my feet. The next day I tried to hike out but I got lost and my feet killed me, so I ended up getting a ride out.

My second time, I planned it out better. I had better shoes. I had more water but I ended up picking the wrong weekend to go. The weekend ended up being a really hot weekend in October. When I made it to the camp site I was wore out by the heat and called for a ride the next morning.


Even though I didn't finish the trip without outside help, I still enjoyed it. I enjoyed being out there in the woods by myself. What I felt out there was just me and nature without the stress of the real world. I didn't have to worry about things that was not about life endangerment stress. The only time limit I had was the time the day turn to dark.

With the new year, I will try to go out hiking a little bit more. It may not be always an overnight, but I will try to get out more and enjoy the nature of it all. I felt nice out there in the woods just me and the items in my pack on my back. Just a tiny stream of thoughts for this one no planning on this post.