pixel shift

13 Dec, 2016 - 00:00:00


Matthew Deig


I wanted to play around with making a ppm parser. I also like the effects that pixel shifting looks on pictures.

You can get the script here pixel_shift

Only problem with it. It shifts all the RBG values so it will make the pictures a grandent fill from black to white. It was a neat practice. I learn little bit of the ppm file format. It is just plain text with the binary or ascii represtation of the RGB of the pixels.

This script isn't complete like I said above it is screws up the shifting since it is sorting all the RGB values instead of going by pixel level. It is extremely slow, so it works fine on small pictures not big ones. This uses a lot of magic numbers so you will have to edit to work with other types of pictures.

I did find it to be a fun challenge none the less